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Hear Me Sign

October 7, 2009

Hear Me Sign will join HTFL in the Family Place Parent/Child Workshop this fall for the first time.

Amy Burns is the founder of, Hear Me Sign, a program that offers baby sign language classes to adults and children, ages birth-3. Amy is a certified special education teacher and sign language instructor. Amy has 3 years experience of professional teaching and has completed levels I and II of American Sign Language.

This program will benefit adults, pre-verbal children, and children who are verbal, but have difficulty communicating. Over 100 signs and 10 or more songs can be learned and they are broken down into 6 themes: First Signs, Mealtime, Bedtime, Animal, Playtime, and Dressing. These classes are designed for parents to learn signs in a baby friendly atmosphere. Children will be able to communicate with their parents, guardians, teachers, etc. before they can talk! Once children learn to sign, they will be able to express their wants, needs and feelings and you will be able to understand what they want right away – without the crying, miscommunication, and tantrums!

You can email Amy Burns at

for more information.