Staff Picks

Loving Frank

November 2, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Cheney's love story is -- as many early reviews of Loving Frank have noted -- little-known and often dismissed as scandal. In Nancy Horan's skillful hands, however, what you get is two fully realized people, entirely, irrepressibly, in love.

Together, Frank and Mamah are a wholly modern portrait, and while you can easily imagine them in the here and now, it's their presence in the world of early 20th century America that shade how authentic and, ultimately, tragic their story is. Mamah's bright, earnst spirit is particularly tender in ther context of her time and place, which afforded her little opportunity to realize the intellectual life for which she yearned.

Loving Frank is a remarkable literary achievement, tenderly accute and even-handed in even the most heartbreaking moments, and an auspicious debut form a writer to watch.

This title is available hardcover and paperback, audio formate, and is a Book Club in a Bag selection.