Responsbility for Selection

Ultimate responsibility for materials selection rests with the Library Director who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Board of Trustees. The Library Director delegates to the Department Manager, the responsibility for collection development, the responsibility to work with the various sections within the library to accomplish mutual goals and responsibilities regarding the acquisition, cataloging, and processing of materials, and to promote consistency in the selection and maintenance of the materials collection. All professional staff members may participate in the selection of library materials.

The authority and responsibilities of the Department Manager to the Director consists of the following:

  • Authority to approve or disapprove selection recommendations from the selection librarians, other staff, and the public;
  • Authority to make final decisions on the withdrawal of circulating materials, the rebinding of books, repackaging of audiovisual materials, replacement orders, and the addition of gifts to the cataloged circulating collection;
  • Authority to review various collections in the library, evaluate the contents, and submit written reports to the Library Director;
  • Authority to initiate any weeding projects as a result of collection evaluations.

Approved by the Haverford Township Free Library Board of Trustees 3/19/03

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