Library Director Transition

The Board of Trustees of the Haverford Township Free Library announced today that Richard Thau, Director of the library, has resigned effective immediately. In his resignation letter, Mr. Thau wrote, “It has been an honor to serve the Haverford Township Free Library. There is no greater privilege that could have been accorded me than to serve an aspiring library agency and for that I thank you all.”

The Board would like to thank Mr. Thau for his service during his tenure at the library. His enthusiasm and intelligence will be missed, and the Board wishes him the best as he moves on to new ventures.

The Board also announced that Christine Faris, Assistant Director, has agreed to step into the Director role. Jeff Miller, Board President, said, “Although we will miss Richard greatly, we are thrilled that Christine has agreed to accept this position. Her steady leadership and assistance during the past couple years of transitions has been a huge asset for the Library and the Board, and we are confident in her ability to take on this new challenge.”

Ms. Faris served as the Interim Director of the library in 2009. An employee of the Haverford Township Free Library for 18 years, Ms. Faris, Manager of Technical Services, and Assistant Director for 5 years, has a working knowledge of every library area. She has a BS in Accounting from St. Joseph’s University, and MS Library Science from Clarion University.

About the library:

The Haverford Township Free Library (HTFL), a non-profit Association, is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees. Four of the Trustees are appointed by the Township of Haverford Commissioners and 3 are elected by the Haverford Township Free Library Association. *The mission of the Haverford Township Free Library is to provide members of the community with resources, programs, and services that enhance and enrich their lives.*

Media inquiries can be directed to: Mr. Jeff Miller, President, Board of Trustees of the Haverford Township Free Library, at