Library Talk

Libraries are not only about borrowing books. Libraries are not only about housing books. Libraries are one of the vehicles in place to deliver community cohesion, social inclusion, community engagement, equality and diversity. Libraries are a place where you can access the internet. Libraries are venues for homework assistance, family center groups and programs. Libraries work with the education sector to promote reading. We stress adult learning to promote life skills akin to our nickname the People’s University. We work with the business community and members of our labor force. In essence, libraries are local and they are community centers. The best attract all ages and all sections of the community. We want to be the best. You are part of the team. Consider volunteering. Consider joining the Friends of the Library. Consider philanthropy. We are, in summary, among the top five essential services that citizens expect to be in their daily lives which ultimately insures community growth and a solid quality of life.  The Haverford Township Free Library appreciates suggestions, compliments and concerns about library services. If you would like a response, please do include your name and address. Your comments are very important to us and we welcome the opportunity to respond. Richard Thau, Director;