Library Advocacy

June has arrived and there are signs that serious state budget negotiations are underway.  Governor Rendell and all of our legislators need to hear from all HTFL Library advocates now and for as long as the budget development process takes.
Some information the Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLa) would like you to know:
1.       The recession continues to drag down tax collections so the revenue shortfall heading into the next state budget is estimated at between $1.2 and $1.5 billion.  This amount will need to be closed through deeper budget cuts and/or new or increased taxes and fees in the next state budget.
2.       PaLa meetings with legislators and staff in Harrisburg indicate that some do not realize or do not remember how deeply library funding was cut in this current budget.  This concerns library advocates, especially if budget negotiators are looking for more cuts in state programs.  That’s why a new alert is up on the PaLa website  Please read it, share the link with others, and take action.
3.       The Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) has launched a Facebook page called: “Pennsylvania's 5.6 Million Library Cardholders Can’t Be Wrong.”  Here’s a link:
4.       Log on to Facebook, join this group, and help spread the word about libraries and the need for restored funding and greater access to services.
HTFL and the Pennsylvania Library Association will keep the information flowing as the process continues in Harrisburg.  For now, the PaLa suggestion is to reach out to Governor Rendell and to our state senators and state representatives.  Remind them that libraries already have been hit hard and what is needed is some restored funding to restore more access—not more cuts.
Thanks you all for all of your hard work in support of restoring access to library services.
HTFL Library customers: Contact Richard Thau, Library Director with your questions/insights at: