Teen Info

Programs for Teens

Teen Programming at HTFL is for kids in grades 6 and up.

Weekly Programs

Meet from 2:30PM - 4PM, usually in the Community Room in the basement of the Library.

HTFL Anime


The club that lives and breathes anime. This means celebrating more than just the shows themselves, but also thinking about how we can integrate Japanese culture into the club experience. Some PG-13 Anime will be played in this club. 

HTFL Create


Featuring a monthly art challenge that students can tackle however they choose. It doesn't matter if it's painted, written, or interpretively danced - we just want to see you flex your creative muscles!



Our favorite way to socialize? GAMING. Lazy gaming, competitive gaming, whatever. Just get that controller in our hands. Keep an eye out for tournament announcements! Some T-Rated games will be played in this club. 

Monthly Programs

Still from 2:30PM - 4PM and usually in the Community Room in the basement of the Library.


First Wednesday of the Month

Teens love to eat, so here's their opportunity to learn their way around the kitchen. Don't worry, we're conscientious about allergies! This runs concurrently with HTFL Game. 

Teen Advisory Board 

Last Monday of the Month

The few, the proud, the brave - HTFL Teen Advisory Board. They meet once a month and decide the fate of Teen Programming at the Library. 

Keep an eye out for special programs!

Please complete the Program Participant Form if you plan to attend programming here at HTFL.

Library Resources for Teens

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