Creative Writing 1/31/14

Ms. Yolaine
Funny, Smart
Teaching, Writing, Reading
She is very nice
                by David

Creative Writing 1/31/14


Smelly, Icky
Dirty, Gross, Scarey
They are really disgusting
                                                                   by Bernadette

Creative Writing 1/31/14

Fluffy, Tiny
Meowing, Hissing, Clawing
Kittens are very soft

                                                        by Nieves


Creative Writing 1/31/14


Tennis is an excellent game,

One day it will go down in fame.

It's a good game, but when you get a hit with the ball,

You tumble and turn, you start to fall.


When you come home, you're tired and hot,

You want to eat what's cooking in the pot.

I said to myself, "I'm so glad I'm home,

I'll never stop tennis, not even when I'm alone."


                         by Bernadette

Lego Club - 1.15.14


Happy New Year to all my lego friends out there!  Lego Club is back for the winter session of programming and did we ever start off with a bang!  Our theme this week was Inventors and Inventions to go along with the fun holiday of Kid Inventors' Day on 1/17.  Check out some of the cool inventions created below:









































































































































Check back next week for a new challenge!  

~Ms. Shannon