Lego Club - 2.19.14


This week in Lego Club, we used the Winter Olympics as our inspiration to build our masterpieces.  Check out all the different facets of the Olympic games the lego club kids represented today:
















































































































































































Come check out what our next challenge will be next Wednesday!


~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 2.12.14


We're back after a little break because of the neverending snow that has come our way!  Today is Paul Bunyan Day so our challenge was to build some forest themed creations fit for a guy like Paul.  Check out what our group came up with today:

















































































































I hope everyone enjoys ANOTHER snow day tomorrow!  

Keep warm and safe!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 1.29.14


Hello lego lovers!  What a crazy winter we've been having!  What with all the snow days, ice days, and everything else going, it's been crazy trying to get the last lego creation photos up! 

The last time we met, we celebrated January's holiday of International Creativity Month by showcasing our creativity through the use of our unique lego building skills.  Check out our crazy, creative creations below: 



































































































































































We are back on schedule this week so I hope to see you all here at the library at 4 pm on Wednesday!  I will also be raffling off a special Lego book at the end of Lego Club this week.   Come check us out!

~Ms. Shannon

Creative Writing Haikus 2/7/13


Growling, barking, cute

Adorable little pup

Fluffy, soft, tiny





They're big and gentle

Horses walk, trot and canter

They like to eat grass




Bird and Tree

The tree waves his arms

A bird lands in his soft tree

Very, tired bird





Lotus sways around

On pads of green in water

Lotus lily pads

                          - Paloma

Creative Writing 1/31/14

Miss Yolaine
Joyful, Jumpy
Helpful, Hintful, Bouncing
She is very entusiastic
                           by Dorothy