Creative Writing - Odes - 3/21/14

Ode to Bacon


Salty, crispy and crunchy

You are my Sunday morning treat

I love the way you pair perfectly with donuts

And bring people of all kinds together

Oh, lovely bacon, what would the world do without you?


                by Megan

Lego Club - 3.19.14


Did you know that this past Saturday was International Sports Car Racing Day?  Today in Lego Club, our theme was to build our own version of a race car so check them out!






















































































































































There are only two more weeks left of lego club before we go on a break!  Come check us out while we're still going!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 3.12.14


This week at Lego Club, we delved into some history with our theme by honoring the Ides of March and Ancient Roman times!  Check out the gladiator-inspired creations below:






















































































































































There are only 3 weeks left in Lego Club this session!  Come check us out!  

~Ms. Shannon

Week 2 Match Ups are here!

Creative Writing - Poetry 3-7-14

A Rainbow

Spiraling across the sky

7 colors break the darkness of the storm before.

A pot of gold from Leprechaun Land is said to be found a the end of this magestic canvas in the sky.

But after a shimmer, a glimmer of beauty, this rainbow drops

and dies.


                                                    - Grace