Lego Club - 4.24.13


What a gorgeous day we have today!  It's even more fitting that this week is National Playground Safety Awareness Week!  To commemorate this holiday and the beautiful weather, lego clubbers created their own playgrounds as well as different things one might  find in a playground or park.  Check them out below:


































































































































































Come out and join us next week!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 4.17.13


Welcome back to the spring edition of Lego Club!  This week is National Robotics Week so we kicked off the beginning of weekly Lego Club sessions by making our own robots.  The crew got very creative today with their own versions so check them out below!

























































































Hope to see you next week for a new challenge!  In the meantime, enjoy the gorgeous weather!

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club -3.27.13


Tomorrow is Barnum and Bailey Day, which surprisingly none of our Lego Club members recognized!  Barnum and Bailey works with the Ringling Brothers in the traveling circus!  So today we our inspirations were inspired by the circus.  See if you can spot the tightrope walkers and circus trains and more!
























































































Another season has come and gone which means that we have reached the end of another Lego Club session!  Today marks the end of the winter session and we will be taking a short, two week break before starting up again for our spring session on April 17.  Hope to see you there!  In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday weekend!

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 3.20.13


About two weeks ago, National Sleep Awareness week was celebrated.  Going along with this theme, we built our own lego versions of what would be included in our dream bedrooms that would help us to sleep better (or maybe not!).  Check out what our  dream rooms include:





























































































































Join us next week for our LAST week of the winter session of Lego Club before we take a short break to prepare for spring!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 3.13.13


Last week was National Agriculture Week across the United States.  If you asked this week's lego club members, they would be able to tell you that agriculture is just a big fancy word for farming!  We dedicated this week's challenge to all things farming, coming up with some pretty cool versions of barns, silos, tractors, and even more surprises.  Check them out below:





























































































































We have three more weeks left in our winter session of Lego Club before we take a short break to get ready for spring!  Hope you can join us next week!

~Ms. Shannon