Lego Club - 10.9.13


This week is National Rainforest Week and we took that as our inspiration for Lego Club today.  Some creations were based off of scenes from movies or books taking place in a tropical environment while others did some great interpretations of trees and other natural things found in the rainforest.  Check them out below:
















































































































































































Hope everyone enjoyed the rainforest word search puzzles this week!  See you all next week!

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 10.2.13


Happy October...even though it feels like August!  Yesterday (October 1) was Techie Day so today's challenge was to create anything technologically inspired.  We had an assortment of iPads and other digital devices as well as super secret lairs tricked out with the latest gadgets and inspired by different movies.  Check out everything created today below:  





























































































































Hope everyone enjoys this surprise taste of summer!  See you next week!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 9.25.13


How would you get around if you didn't have a car?  In today's Lego Club, we honored the unique holiday of Car Free Day on September 22 by building our own ways of getting around that weren't cars.  Check out some of the great ideas below!
















































































































































































Come join us next week to see what challenges October brings!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 9.18.13


Today is the birthday of the United States Air Force!  Consequently, our creations were inspired by this holiday.  Many intricate flying military creations were built so check them out below:  

















































































































Come out and join us next week!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 9.11.13


Welcome back to another session of Lego Club!  We go back to celebrating some of the more unusual holidays out there with our challenges each week.  This week, we honored the fact that September is National Home Furnishings Month by building any kind of furniture with the legos we felt like.  Come see if any of the creations are inviting you to want to get off your feet:


































































































































































That's a wrap on week 1!  We'll be here every Wednesday at 4 through November 20 so come out and join us!  

~Ms. Shannon