Lego Club - 11.6.13


There are only two more weeks of the Fall 2013 lego club left to go!  Today we not only took inspiration from the monthly holiday of Military Family Appreciation Month, but also looked ahead to next week's celebration of Veterans' Day for our challenge this week.  Lego Club members were tasked with building creations that were inspired by the military.  Check out what they worked so hard on below:
























































































And for all you Lego Lovers out there, there's a Philly Brick Fest Lego Fan Festival coming to town at the end of April!  There's currently a deal on Amazon Local for it, making tickets cost only $20, down from almost $40.  There's about a week left to order, but better to get them before they sell out!  

See everyone next week!

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 10.30.13


This week, we fittingly celebrated Halloween by building our own spooky creations.  From haunted houses to scary ghosts boats to creepy laboratories, you can find them all here below!






















































































































































Hope this got everyone in the spirit of Halloween!  Have a happy Halloween and be safe while trick or treating!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 10.23.13


Bridge Day occurred on Saturday, October 19 this year so we used this as our inspiration for today's building, as it's been a great theme to go off of in the past.  Check out what our current lego club members created today:


































































































































































We only have 4 weeks left in our fall session so come out and join us at lego club before we go on a break!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 10.16.13


This week at Lego Club, we celebrated a holiday that took place last Thursday(10/10), that being Naval Academy Day.  The lego club members built various ships, docking stations, and submarines to celebrate the navy!  See them for yourself below:











































































Come see what we're up to next week!  

~Ms. Shannon

Lego Club - 10.9.13


This week is National Rainforest Week and we took that as our inspiration for Lego Club today.  Some creations were based off of scenes from movies or books taking place in a tropical environment while others did some great interpretations of trees and other natural things found in the rainforest.  Check them out below:
















































































































































































Hope everyone enjoyed the rainforest word search puzzles this week!  See you all next week!

~Ms. Shannon