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When you make a donation to the library, you contribute to the quality of life in Haverford Township, in other words, an investment in HTFL is an investment in the success of our entire community. There are many ways to support us, learn more below!

The Annual Fund 

Donations to the HTFL Annual Fund are funds that contribute to the Library's day-to-day operations including purchasing materials and providing programming.

Gifts in Memory, Honor, and Celebration

Give a gift to the Library in memory, honor, or celebration of a family member or friend. 

Gift a Library Item in Memory, Honor, or Celebration

Support the Library by having an item placed in our collection in memory, honor, or celebration of a family member or friend. You have the opportunity to suggest a genre or material type to be purchased.

Kids' Computers Fund

The Library is currently raising funds to purchase Early Literacy Stations, aka "Kids' Computers." These specialized computers allow children to learn independently with fun educational programs. Importantly for parents, it allows the children to use computers offline, with no internet connection. Your support of this endeavor will help bridge the education gap in our community by teaching computer literacy to all children including those who would not otherwise have access to computers.

Library Sponsorship

HTFL offers local and national organizations the opportunity to become an annual sponsor. Sponsorship is a great way to grow your organization and demonstrate your commitment to education and the services the library provides. Sponsors in the past have benefited greatly from their relationship with the Library. 

To learn more about Library Sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Sponsorship Page.


You can create a legacy to help ensure the Library will be enjoyed for generations to come. This can be done by including the Haverford Township Free Library in your will or estate plan.

A simple bequest can be included easily in your will when it is written or revised. Your charitable bequest, which is fully deductible from your gross estate, will benefit the entire community.

For more information on making an estate gift to the Haverford Township Free library, please contact Christine Faris, Director, at 610-446-3082, extension 213 or send an inquiry to her attention at 1601 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083.

Support the Library and the Environment

Bring your used ink jet, toner cartridges, and old cell phones to the library for recycling. We belong to a program that not only recycles the cartridges and phones but pays us a certain amount, depending upon brands and quantities. Every little bit helps the library and the planet.

Improper disposal of e-waste harms our environment by damaging air, soil and water, and takes up ever-increasing space in our landfills. Ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges and cell phones contain substances that are potentially hazardous to humans and animals. So, bring them to us and feel good about supporting both the library and the environment.

Donation of Gently Used Materials

The library greatly appreciates book donations and other items of value.  Donated items are evaluated according to the same criteria as purchased materials, and are only accepted with the explicit understanding that they may be retained, discarded and used at the discretion of library staff and the Friends of the Library.

Criteria for acceptance of book donations

  • Items must be in good condition (i.e. books must have covers, no underlining, no musty/dirty items).
  • Items must be suitable for the collection.
  • Items must be given without condition.

Types of Donations Accepted

  • Bestsellers
  • Classics
  • Paperback books, both fiction and non-fiction
  • Hardcover books, both fiction and non-fiction
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Books on CD

Types of Donations NOT Accepted

  • Magazines
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reference sets
  • VHS
  • Cassette tapes
  • Books in poor condition (e.g. missing pages, yellowed, musty, water damaged, moldy, insect-infested, marked/underlined)
  • Textbooks
  • Periodicals
  • Outdated informational books (e.g. old computer books)

While we appreciate your donations, materials should not be left outside the library or placed in the book drop.  Please bring all donations into the library to the reference desk.  

The donor will receive a written acknowledgment of the gift. If the donor wishes to receive such an acknowledgment and is unable to wait for a receipt, she/he should leave her/his name, address and number of books donated. Library staff will not appraise the books or indicate a value in the acknowledgment letter.

Please contact the library in person, by phone at 610-446-3082, or by email at

if you have questions about items you are considering donating to the library and if you have more than one bag or box of books to donate.

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