{Courtesy of AL: Green Your Library}

Like the vast majority of libraries across the country, the New York Public Library had been sending out paper notices to its patrons using the U.S. postal service for more than 100 years. These notices required thousands of pounds of paper, and drove up postage costs for the library. Starting August 1, this will change. The N.Y. Public Library will cease mailing out hold notices in an effort to help the environment while freeing up funds for additional programs, services, and new materials for its collection.

HTFL Customers: The initiative to increase the use of e-mail to improve library service is in full swing here at the Haverford Township Free Library as well. If you have a personal e-mail address, please do provide the library with this information. Communication will improve and we will all be more responsible stewards of the public trust in terms of how we utilize valuable staff time and other budgetary priorities. It will free up staff to do other important project work and therefore improve service provision to the public. Questions? Please ask a library desk person if you would like to make sure that your current e-mail is now on file with us! Good communication is essential for good customer service!  

Richard Thau, Library Director /