MusicWorks, John and Mary Lou Toal Award of Honor 2012

MusicWorks is this year's John and Mary Lou Toal Award of Honor recipient. The award will be accepted by Jerry and Lori O'Leary, founders of the organization.
MusicWorks has been a partner with the HTFL Children's Room for many years. They have worked with us from the inception of our Family Place Parent/Child Workshop, donating countless hours to the program. They have also participated in our many preschool storytimes.
The mission of MusicWorks is to provide music therapy services to restore, improve and maintain the quality of life of all individuals throughout the Delaware Valley who are challenged by autism, special needs, illness, or aging.
MusicWorks is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Growing from small, in-home therapy sessions, they recently opened a new music therapy treatment center on West Chester Pike in Havertown.
Jerry and Lori O’Leary are the founders of MusicWorks. They live in the Township with their two children, Patrick and Mariel. They are actively involved in Boy Scouts, ballet, sports, and music through their children!
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