Lego Club - 3.12.14


This week at Lego Club, we delved into some history with our theme by honoring the Ides of March and Ancient Roman times!  Check out the gladiator-inspired creations below:






















































































































































There are only 3 weeks left in Lego Club this session!  Come check us out!  

~Ms. Shannon

Week 2 Match Ups are here!

Creative Writing - Poetry 3-7-14

A Rainbow

Spiraling across the sky

7 colors break the darkness of the storm before.

A pot of gold from Leprechaun Land is said to be found a the end of this magestic canvas in the sky.

But after a shimmer, a glimmer of beauty, this rainbow drops

and dies.


                                                    - Grace

Creative Writing Club - Odes 3-7-14

Ode to Cats

Loving, playful kittens.

Be careful not to give them your yarn!

Yes, they can be annoying, shy or rough but, 

Hey! You can't blame them!

Hunting, scratching clawing in the wild





Ode to a Pencil

I couldn't write this poem without you.

With your smooth, graphite scratching seemlessly across the white paper.

The world would be nothing without you.

                                                                       - David


Lego Club - 3.5.14


This week at Lego Club we paid homage to the beloved children's author, Dr. Seuss, whose birthday was on Sunday, March 2.  Check out the silly creations below (and see some featured on the TV behind the children's room desk weekly!):



























































































































































































Come see what our newest challenge will be next Wednesday!  

~Ms. Shannon