Creative Writing 4-11-14 Odes


Ode to the Sparkling Icicle

Oh how the water trickles down branches

And forms you lovely, sparkling icicles.

But when winter is over, you melt, 

Until next year.

Oh exquisite, elegant icicle.

            by Dorothy



Ode to Cinnamon Buns

You are a lovely roll up of cinnamon and cream,

How you melt in my mouth, when I bite into you,

You pair perfectly with the Sunday morning routine,

Oh sweet morning treat, 

What would I do without you!

                                                               by Dorothy

Lego Club - 4.2.14


We made it through the winter, kiddos!  During our LAST week of the winter session of Lego Club, we learned about the Pony Express (holiday that takes place on 4/3) and built our own ways to deliver the mail.  We had quite the creations today!  See them for yourself below:
















































































































This was our LAST week of Lego Club while the children's room takes a break to plan for our Spring Programming cycle, starting Monday, April 28!  

On Saturday, May 10, from 10:30 to 12 noon, come join us for FAMILY LEGO MANIA in the Community Room!  We will have legos for all ages as well as games and refreshments.  For more information, stop by the children's room desk!  

~Ms. Shannon

Creative Writing - Couplets 3/28/14

I Tried to Catch a Butterfly

I tried to catch a butterfly
I know I cannot tell a lie

So here is how the story goes
It is a long one; it ends at your toes

The butterfly flew over a large plain
And landed in a horse's mane

Then it soared over the trees
I had to protect myself from angry bees

The butterfly fluttered over a flower
Just then came a heavy rain shower

It flew over a pasture and rested on the fence rail
While up from the ocean dove a large whale

The whale greeted us happily, then returned to the water
But not before introducing us to her father

In the end, the butterfly flew away
I'll just catch it some other day


                            by Megan


Lego Club - 3.26.14


Friday, March 28 is Barnum & Bailey Day so our theme today coincided with that by using circus as our challenge!  Today, there were tightropes, human cannons, tents, trapeze swings, and even more!  Check them out below:  









































































































































Next week is the LAST week of Lego Club for the Winter Session!  Come check us out before we go on "vacation"!

~Ms. Shannon

Creative Writing - Odes - 3/21/14

Ode to Bacon


Salty, crispy and crunchy

You are my Sunday morning treat

I love the way you pair perfectly with donuts

And bring people of all kinds together

Oh, lovely bacon, what would the world do without you?


                by Megan