Library Services

With a staff of 32 who are here to provide library services for all of you, I would like to know what service you think you would like to see at the Library.  Just a few of the special services that we already offer include:

  • Homebound Delivery of library materials
  • Lending of eReaders for children, teens and adults with preloaded titles
  • ENewsletter bringing you up-to-date information and program opportunities
  • Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks through the Delaware County Library System
  • Reference and Information Services

I value your thoughts and opinions and I invite your ideas!  

Christine Faris-Library Director (


Creative Writing 1/31/14

Miss Yolaine
Joyful, Jumpy
Helpful, Hintful, Bouncing
She is very entusiastic
                           by Dorothy

Creative Writing 1/31/14

Ms. Yolaine
Funny, Smart
Teaching, Writing, Reading
She is very nice
                by David

Creative Writing 1/31/14


Smelly, Icky
Dirty, Gross, Scarey
They are really disgusting
                                                                   by Bernadette

Creative Writing 1/31/14

Fluffy, Tiny
Meowing, Hissing, Clawing
Kittens are very soft

                                                        by Nieves