Spring Flower Bulb Fundraiser by the Friends of HTFL

The Friends of HTFL are, once again, raising money for the Library. Don't miss the opportunity to beautify your garden with your purchase of flower bulbs through the Friends' online Spring Fundraiser.  Purchase the bulbs online and they will be shipped directly to your house.  All you need is the trowel!  

50% of the profits go to the Friends to help the Library purchase the "extras" such as televisions, audio equipment, Summer Reading Club programs for your enjoyment-I could go on and on.  

Click here for the link to the website to make your purchase today!  Thank you.

Programs for Teens

Teen Programming at HTFL is for kids in grades 6 and up. 

Remember if there is NO School there will be NO Program for that day.

Weekly Programs:

Anime every Monday:

The club that lives and breaths anime. This means celebrating more than just the shows themselves, but also thinking about how we can  integrate Japanese culture into the club experience. 
PG-13 Anime is aired in this club.


Create every Wednesday: 

Featuring a challenge that you can  tackle however you choose. That means you can paint, write, sing, or even dance. We just want to see you express your creative side.


Gaming every Friday:

Our favorite way to socialize? Just get that controller in your hands and get in the zone. Keep an eye out for tournament announcements.
We’ll be playing some T rated titles in this club.


Monthly Programs:

Pay it Forward the first Wednesday of every Month:

A way for you to respond to a person's kindness by being kind to someone else. This club lives by the quote “One person can make a BIG difference”.

Bake the second Friday of every Month:

Do you love to eat? Well here is an opportunity for you to learn your way around the kitchen. Don’t worry, we are conscientious about allergies.

T.A.B the last Monday of the Month:

3:30—4:30 PM

The doers of the world - The HTFL Teen Advisory Board meets once a month to help form the Teen Programming for the library.

Keep an eye out for special programs!

Please complete the Program Participant Form if you plan to attend programming here at HTFL.

Library Resources for Teens

Coming soon...

Memorial Day

Let us not forget the real meaning of Memorial Day.  It is not just the start of the summer season, and a time to have picnics and barbeques, but a time to remember our fallen heroes, our nation's military who have given their lives in the service of their country.

Dedicated United States military men and women are serving around the world every day.  Please keep them, along with our deceased service men and women, and their families and friends, in your thoughts and prayers on this holiday. 

Creative Writing 4-11-14 Odes


Ode to the Sparkling Icicle

Oh how the water trickles down branches

And forms you lovely, sparkling icicles.

But when winter is over, you melt, 

Until next year.

Oh exquisite, elegant icicle.

            by Dorothy



Ode to Cinnamon Buns

You are a lovely roll up of cinnamon and cream,

How you melt in my mouth, when I bite into you,

You pair perfectly with the Sunday morning routine,

Oh sweet morning treat, 

What would I do without you!

                                                               by Dorothy