A Bit of Trivia

What 2012 international sports phenomenon will be held for 17 days beginning on Friday, July 27?  The Olympics, of course. Looking for information on past Olympic games?  Stop by the library for related books and materials or visit our Olympic display that includes an official Olympic Torch.

Some Olympic facts you might be asking:

  • London is hosting the Olympic games for the third time in history--the other years were 1908 and 1948.  
  • The first Ancient Olympic games have been traced back to 776 BC.  Click here for additional facts about the ancient games.
  • What was the first city to host the modern Olympic games?  Athens, Greece in 1896.  
  • Want to know who were the medalists in a particular Olympic sport since 1896?  The answer is here.

Enjoy the world's finest athletes coming together!