April 2010

Thanks for joining us!

 2010's Murder Mystery Theater was a lot of fun - we hope everyone who joined us for this evening of mystery, intrigue, murder, and quite a few laughs had a great time! 

Check out the pictures on our Facebook Page and share your own!

Now That's Art!

Join Samantha on Friday, April 23rd at 2pm for this month's Now That's Art program. She'll present a short visual presentation and follow it with a conversation about the featured artist or medium. If you ever wanted to know more about art or just like to look join us.

This month will feature a sampling of women's fashions from the late eighteenth century through the Victorian era, this program also includes articles of clothing worn by men and children.


Congratulations to Youth Services and Reference Librarian Ruth for being honored at Senator Daylin Leach's Librarian of the Year Awards. Nice work, Ruth!

National Library Week April 11-17

At a time when library usage is at an all time high, libraries are really helping their communities thrive in these tough economic times. Don't miss National Library Week, an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians. Don't miss all the great programs here at HTFL to celebrate!