Register Today for a Mother/Daughter Program: Alice Paul - Through the Lens of Leadership

Alice Paul

Get ready to celebrate Women's History Month in March with this program for mothers and middle school-aged daughters!

Alice Paul: Through the Lens of Leadership will be held on Sunday, March 13 at 2pm. This is an interactive program that highlights the life and work of Alice Paul focusing on her as a leader. The program requires advance registration on Eventkeeper. The session will be facilitated by a leader from the Alice Paul Institute located in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Come learn about Alice Paul, suffragist and leader with two exciting programs. Beaten, jailed, and assailed as a pariah for her beliefs, Alice Paul never quit. The result of her fierce dedication to women’s rights was one of the most outstanding political achievements on behalf of women in the 20th century – the successful passage of the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution in 1920, which ensures a women’s right to vote.