A Bit of Trivia

What 2012 international sports phenomenon will be held for 17 days beginning on Friday, July 27?  The Olympics, of course. Looking for information on past Olympic games?  Stop by the library for related books and materials or visit our Olympic display that includes an official Olympic Torch.

Some Olympic facts you might be asking:

  • London is hosting the Olympic games for the third time in history--the other years were 1908 and 1948.  
  • The first Ancient Olympic games have been traced back to 776 BC.  Click here for additional facts about the ancient games.
  • What was the first city to host the modern Olympic games?  Athens, Greece in 1896.  
  • Want to know who were the medalists in a particular Olympic sport since 1896?  The answer is here.

Enjoy the world's finest athletes coming together!

It's Cool Inside!

 It might be a sweltering 95 degrees outside today but you will find it cool and comfortable at the Haverford Township Free Library.  Come inside, find a newspaper, magazine or book and sit and read to cool off.  We are open Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays during the Summer, and we have plenty to offer you.  

If you can't think of something to read, ask one of our librarians for suggestions, or are you in the mood to begin the search for your family's roots?  Use one of our public internet computers to access (available only in the library.)

I hope to see you here!

Have you joined the Summer Reading Club yet?

Looking for 2015 Summer Reading Club information?

Click HERE for Children's Summer Reading

Click HERE for Teen Summer Reading

Don't miss out on the fun!  There are Summer Reading Clubs at the Library for every age-from Babies to Seniors.  Find a shady spot, grab a glass of iced tea or water and enjoy your summer reading.

We have something to offer everyone, whether it is a can't put it down mystery, bestseller, non-fiction or romance, a teen graphic novel, Step into Reading books or board books for the little ones or the summer reading lists from schools.  

Parents--studies have shown that children who read all summer do not experience the slide back in grade level, versus children who do not read during the summer.  Some articles are included here that you might enjoy perusing:


The Friends of HTFL 2012 Garden Tour fast approaching!

 Don't miss the opportunity to visit Haverford Township neighborhood gardens Saturday, June 16 from 11AM to 3PM at the Third Annual Friends of the Haverford Township Free Library Garden Tour.  Pre-day tickets are available at the library at the discounted price of $15; tickets are available the day of the event for $20.

The self-guided tour begins from 10:30AM at the Haverford Township historic Grange Estate where you will pick up your tour booklet and directions to all gardens.  Enjoy looking at all the gardens and return to the Grange for a tour of the volunteer-maintained gardens and reception.  

Enjoy the day--all proceeds of the Garden Tour benefit the Library.  

Did you receive your Annual Appeal letter?

The Haverford Township Free Library (HTFL) did a special mailing for the Annual Appeal in late February and much to our dismay we have found that some residents did not receive their appeal letter.

In that mailing we asked you to CALCULATE THE VALUE of HTFL's library materials, programs and services to the residents of the Township of Haverford.  In that letter we highlighted:

  • Visitors + Circulation = A Great Year in 2011
  • How you can invest in Success through your donation
  • We offer FREE Access 24/7 through our website at, including downloadable eBooks

The Library is at the heart of our community.  We are key to powering progress and elevating the quality of life in the Township.  We are a job center, a gathering place, a small business incubator, a space to experience culture and so much more.  We enhance and enrich your life!

Please help sustain the important work of the Haverford Township Free Library by making a tax-deductible donation to our Annual Appeal today.  Send your check or make an online donation.  An investment in HTFL is an investment in the success of our entire community.  

What can WE say?  THANK YOU!