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Libraries (Public and Academic) are not luxuries but necessities. They are not superfluous in the age of the Internet, but rather are as essential as ever, if not more so.

Libraries are agents of change for the positive. Note the following examples: --Literacy; --Workforce training. Many people entering the workforce rely on libraries to get them online; --Small business resources. Local businesses are increasingly tapping into the library's online databases to keep themselves competitive and to find new business opportunities; and finally, --Libraries as Catalysts for development. My thesis is that supporting libraries is a wise investment. Your insights are welcome. Communicate with Richard Thau, Director at


Meet Our Staff - Rita

You hardly ever see Rita, but she sure helps you find things. Rita has worked in technical services for over three years. Before that she was at the main circulation desk and in the Children's Room.

Rita processes overdues, magazines and requests. She is in charge of helping customers find an item through Inter-library loan (ILL). She also bills customers for lost items.

Her pet peeve is lack of time and space to function as she would like. Yet her greatest satisfaction is being able to locate that “unfindable” book that a customer requested, somewhere in the United States.

Rita says that in her 15 years here, “the library continues to be busy and thrive”-- she sees no decline.

Rita serves on the Publications and Entertainment committees. In what little free time she has at home, she loves to do word search puzzles and spend time with her family: her husband of 30 years and three grown children (two girls and a boy).



Congratulations to the Philadelphia Flyers in an outstanding come from behind playoff series victory. And the winning seemingly continues as of this posting. It is also a story for the library community to contemplate as well. The public library should likewise never give up the good fight. To continue to provide current services to the best of our abilities despite real challenges and to continue to plan for the evolutionary changes necessary for long-term growth. With a supportive and cheering crowd (our library constituency), the challenge continues. Go HTFL! Go Flyers!

The Reading List



Established in 2007, The Reading List seeks to highlight outstanding genre fiction that merit special attention by general adult readers and the librarians who work with them.

HTFL and High Tech

Your ability to download audiobooks directly to iPhones and other smart phones is taking off within our library community. If you know someone with an iPhone, tell them about this library service. Ask an HTFL librarian if you have questions!