Library Advocacy: Action Needed!

No More Cuts to Libraries; Speak Up Now!


From the Pennsylvania Library Association and your Haverford Township Free Library:


The deadline to pass a state budget is just days away.  The effects of the recession have created a hole in the state budget in the range of $1.2 billion.  If we are to avoid a repeat of last year’s 101-day late budget, Governor Rendell and legislators must pass a new state budget by June 30, one that fills this revenue gap either through increased taxes and fees, or more cuts to state programs—or both.


Raising taxes and fees in an election year with the recession lingering is a tall order.  This reality increases the chances that the next budget might be balanced primarily through budget cuts, a possibility that could threaten library funding once again.  No specific library funding cuts have been mentioned but library supporters need to stay informed and engaged.


Now is a key moment to speak up and urge all your friends to do likewise.  Tell Governor Rendell, your State Senator, and your State Representative this one simple message:  No More Cuts to Libraries.   Tell them that cutting libraries again is unacceptable, especially during this recession when libraries are busier and more needed than ever.  Remind them that in this year’s state budget, the four library line items already were cut this year by 3%, 21%, 51%, and 73% respectively.


Send the Governor and your legislators an email here:


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Here’s a chart detailing all library funding categories in the state budget:


Thank you for speaking out for libraries, and for spreading the word far and wide.  Stay tuned for more updates as events change.



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