2012 Annual Appeal

The 2012 Annual Appeal letter requesting your support was mailed in February and I hope you have answered our need with your tax deductible donation.  If you have, we thank you!  Your gift helps to provide the necessary funds it takes to operate the Haverford Township Free Library, open seven (7) days a week, but online 24/7, with the many resources provided to you FREE or at very low cost (rental of videos 3 days for $1.00, or videogames rented for 7 days at $1.00.)  

If you haven't received your appeal, and I have heard of people who haven't, please donate NOW by sending your check to the Haverford Township Free Library, or by donating online here.  

The Haverford Township Free Library is a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization that puts every penny into the library's programs, resources, and services that enhance and enrich your life.  Please consider your gift today!