Memorial Day

The library will be CLOSED Sunday, May 29, 2016 and Monday, May 30, 2016 in observance of Memorial Day. 


Homeschool Curriculum Exchange


May 23, 2016 - June 17, 2016
in the hallway outside of the Children's room

2nd floor of the Library

Doing some spring cleaning?  Are past curriculums taking up room on your shelves?  Not enough time to commit to a sale, but want to clean out?  We have the answer!

It's easy - bring your books to share.  Browse and take what will help you next year!  No fees, no charge.  Please make sure material is in good, usable condition.  
Staff Picks

by Suzi Moore; illustrated by Russell Ayto 

The cat can't meow, the dog can't bark, and even the mouse can't squeak. When they go to the little old lady in the woods for a spell to restore their voices, things don't go as expected.  The rhythm of this book lends itself well to story times and repeat readings at home! Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.

by Anna Breslaw 

When Scarletts beloved TV show is canceled and her longtime crush, Gideon, is sucked out of her orbit and into the dark and distant world of Populars, Scarlett turns to the fanfic message boards for comfort. This time, though, her subjects aren't the swoon-worthy stars of her fave series -- they're the real-life kids from her high school.